BlumenFotoFilm – FlowerPicsFilm (bff/fpf) 2008-2014

This edition of BFF is based on a body of app. 22.000 digital pictures of flowers taken in the past 7 years. The pics are edited as movie files; running length varies from 4 to 7 hours, all together nearly 24 hours.

The set provides a giant journey through the seasons, through blooming and withering, from sunshine to rain to snowflakes. All films start with January and let you follow nature throughout the year. The various colors create changing atmospheres in the space. Tiny little blooms become giant shapes, naturally grown plants turn into abstract forms. The single flower motive steps back from its purpose as a singular photo event in favour to become part of a bigger process within the video. Take this as an analogy to growing a plant. Just like in nature the imperfect ones are included.
Volume 4-6 covers the years 2008–2010, volume 7 and 8 combine two years, 2011/2012 and 2013/2014. The last pics shown are taken shortly before this Easter.